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kwalitatief hoogwaardige trilzeefmachines

From small to large

AMKCO Europe produces high-quality vibrating screeners for all possible screening processes and applications. Every AMKCO vibrating sieve is modular, so that every machine can be adapted or expanded at any time with standard components, without having to make major structural adjustments to the machine. The required floor space for the application of a vibrating screener is relatively small compared to other solutions. The vibratory screeners are available in sizes from 18 inch (450 mm) up to 72 inch (1,800 mm) depending on the desired capacity.

The last produced 18 inch vibrating screener has now been delivered to a customer who has set up a test plant. The AMKCO vibrating screener is part of this test plant.

The vibrating screeners are equipped with a special ATEX electric motor and provision is made to ground the entire machine. Do you have any questions about AMKCO Europe’s ATEX solutions?

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