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Optimization and sustainability of your pasture treatment

Optimization and sustainability of your pasture treatment
AMKCO Europe has a lot of experience in the field of cleaning cocoa mass. The use of an AMKCO sieve helps to increase the quality cocoa mass from the cocoa beans. The sieve filters remove sand and other waste solids from the liquid cocoa mass, before being processed into cocoa powder and cocoa butter. These particles are filtered out of the product with an AMKCO sieve to prevent clogging and to make optimal use of the cocoa press.

Reduce your maintenance costs to your grease centrifuge
Essential in this process is the correct screen, which is made entirely to the product and the desired capacity. To determine the required capacity of a machine, AMKCO Europe has an Inhouse test lab where it is easy to test with different types of screens. On this basis, the screen selection is made to provide the best solution. The mounted screens are produced in house by AMKCO, under optimal conditions, and use high-quality sieve mesh. The mounted screen then provides maximum service life. Thanks to the compatibility of AMKCO Europe parts with various other brands, many spare parts are suitable for your existing vibratory separator. Call AMKCO to find out if we can provide parts, screens, and service for your current vibrating separators.  Our knowledge and experiencee can and will most likely save your company money and increase productivity. AMKCO Europe’s service, machines, and advise is the right choice.

If you would like information about the application possibilities of the cacao separators, please contact one of our distributors or AMKCO Europe

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