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AMKCO Europe also supplies its vibratory screeners with ATEX certification

ATEX means: Atmospheric Explosion. A mixture of air with flammable substances in the form of gas, vapours, mists or dust, which when ignited causes combustion to occur over the entire unburned mixture. Inflammation can arise externally, but certain substances can also build up their own potential (voltage) that can lead to inflammation. In many cases the mixture of air and gas, vapors or dust is unavoidable.

Many of the places where an AMKCO Europe vibratory screener is used is in an explosive atmosphere. The vibratory sieving machines that are placed in explosion-hazardous areas must comply with the ATEX guidelines. AMKCO Europe supplies vibratory screeners to customers who have to comply with these guidelines.

The vibrating screeners are equipped with a special ATEX electric motor and provision is made to ground the entire machine. Do you have any questions about AMKCO Europe’s ATEX solutions?

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