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Working at AMKCO Europe

Do you want to work at AMKCO Europe and get started with challenging projects?


AMKCO Europe has been producing and supplying high-quality vibrating vibratory separators and separation materials for 31 years to ensure that our customers’ end products are brought to the highest level. The production of vibrating vibratory separators, screens and parts will take place at AMKCO Europe in Assendelft.


AMKCO machines are currently found in the pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural, horticulture, and food industries. New applications are constantly being developed and requested by our many customers.  The engineering and process challenges are exciting for those who enjoy teamwork and problem solving.


Just one Example:   In recent years, there have been increasing demands within Europe for the discharge of cleaner, reusable wastewater. AMKCO Europe has been the first to use the vibratory separator machine for filtering wastewater within various industries and with great success. Within the horticulture, food industry, water purification industry we have gained a lot of experience. As a result, the costs of discharging wastewater have in many cases lapsed. The result, AMKCO Europe has made important contributions to a better environment.


AMKCO outside working hours

We have done many fun company outings in recent years. Above are a few photos to give you an impression.

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