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Innovation and Quality in Vibrating Sieve Technology

AMKCO: Innovation and Quality in Vibrating Sieve Technology

AMKCO, a leading manufacturer of vibrating sieves, sets the standard in various industries around the world with their exceptional quality and reliable performance. The distinctive strength of AMKCO lies in their focus on solving complex industrial issues through innovative techniques and the guarantee of fast deliveries. Because of this focus, AMKCO has built a strong reputation as a reliable partner for companies looking for customized solutions and technical expertise.

One of the ways AMKCO fulfills this mission is by collaborating with high-quality partners, such as Vlint, specialists in a pure climate and process. The joint efforts of Johan Timmer (Operational Manager at AMKCO) and Jeroen van Bijnen (Business Development Manager at Vlint) have led to a series of groundbreaking improvements. This synergy between AMKCO and Vlint illustrates the potential of partnerships aimed at stimulating progress and pushing the boundaries of technological innovation.

BFM fitting strengthens quality and reputation

AMKCO’s attention to sustainability and quality led to the collaboration with Vlint in 2013, aimed at finding a reliable connector for their sieving machines. The discovery of the BFM fitting marked a turning point: it provides a robust, flexible connection that proves essential for the integrity of AMKCO’s products. Known for their superior sealing, BFM fittings effectively prevent leaks, contamination, and build-ups, while also being 100% airtight and explosion-proof. This results in enhanced product safety and consistency.

The integration of BFM fittings has not only improved the quality and reliability of AMKCO’s sieving machines but has also contributed to the improvement of their market reputation and the trust of their customers. The choice for BFM adapters has laid the foundation for a decade of fruitful cooperation with Vlint, creating a partnership of mutual trust and shared success.

BFM Fitting

Deepening Business Collaboration

In the modern business world, a successful business relationship often transcends the traditional supplier-customer interaction. For AMKCO and Vlint, this philosophy is at the core of their partnership. Jeroen van Bijnen of Vlint explains: “Flexibility and collaboration are crucial. You can only make real progress if you actively listen to and work with your partners.” This approach reached its zenith in early 2023 with a series of company visits that promoted mutual understanding and insight into each other’s operational processes.


This direct exchange has laid the groundwork for a stronger synergy between the two organizations and has clarified the possibilities and needs of both parties. According to Jeroen, this is the essence of true engagement: “By understanding each other, we strengthen our capacity to support one another and grow together.”

Anti-foaming Bags

Delivery time for Anti-foaming Bags with Private Label Accelerated to One Day

During a tour at AMKCO, Jeroen from Vlint and Johan from AMKCO devised a strategy to minimize response times for essential parts. Specifically for the cheese industry – just one of the sectors where AMKCO machines are crucial – the filter bags designed to counteract foaming, referred to by AMKCO as Anti-foaming Bags, are vital, as downtime in the production process brings significant costs.

With a focus on uninterrupted operation, Vlint took the initiative to develop these specific Anti-foaming Bags and provide them with an AMKCO-branded private label. This special label strengthens brand recognition among AMKCO’s end-users. Thanks to Vlint’s in-house production facility and large warehouse in Lelystad, a consistent stock is maintained, ensuring that rapid delivery is always guaranteed. By proactively managing a minimal stock, Vlint ensures that AMKCO’s customers do not experience operational delays and can always count on fast and efficient service.

BFM Blanking Caps at AMKCO

Jeroen from Vlint and Johan from AMKCO continue their collaboration by exploring the potential of BFM Blanking Caps for AMKCO’s sieving machines. These innovative blanking caps, made from durable seeflex material, not only improve visibility during the sieving process but are also designed for simplicity and speed: they are easy to install and quick to replace without tools. The Blanking Caps guarantee a perfect seal and prevent pollution and contamination, thus optimizing the efficiency and safety of the process. This step marks a new direction for AMKCO, where adaptability to market needs is coupled with minimal adjustments to the machines.

BFM Blanking Caps bij AMKCO

Healthier Workplace and Cost Optimization

In the production process of AMKCO, where fine dust is released during the finishing of separator screens, Jeroen from Vlint has brought innovation. With the integration of Vlint’s panel filters into the extraction systems, significant improvements have been made for AMKCO. Vlint’s filters not only excel in compactness and durability but also in delivery speed. AMKCO’s air quality tests confirm this with a demonstrated extended lifespan. Nevertheless, Johan from AMKCO has decided on a more frequent replacement regime, explaining: “A conscious choice for regular replacement ensures an even purer environment on the work floor. And thanks to the cost-efficient pricing of the filters, this is a strategy that benefits both health and finances.” In addition to a cleaner working environment, Vlint’s recyclable “green” filters also contribute to a cleaner planet.

Joint Growth: Vlint as an Integral Partner

The collaboration between Johan and Jeroen goes beyond a conventional customer-supplier relationship. They share a vision where open communication, personal involvement, and joint innovation are central. Vlint has emerged as a total supplier for AMKCO, which not only provides convenience and efficiency but also the certainty of an integral partner that can be trusted. Looking ahead, both parties are optimistic about the further expansion possibilities of their collaboration.”

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