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Maatwerk oplossingen AMKCO Europe B.V.

Customized solutions AMKCO Europe B.V.

The environment where the vibratory screener is mounted and the product to be screened can be reasons for adjustments to a vibratory screener. There are countless adjustments that can be made to a vibratory screener. Thanks to years of experience in screening technology, AMKCO Europe almost always has a suitable solution.

Some examples:

In connection with the installation height, AMKCO Europe has made the lid of the vibrating screen machine flat for one of its customers. As a result, the machine fits exactly in the available space.

By applying a screen deck in the machine that is one size smaller than the machine, an enormous amount of solid matter can be screened and discharged from a liquid flow. Where product is normally on its way to the outlet for a long time and there is a risk of clogging, the product can now leave the machine along the entire circumference of the sieve and the sieve deck is always fully available

A vibrating screener is placed on a mobile high frame. This makes the vibratory sieving machine very flexible in use.

An additional inspection opening according to the customer’s wishes.

In recent years we have supplied many vibrating screeners according to the so-called plug and play system. The machine is mounted on a platform with the mounting bracket for the supply of the product to be screened. After mounting the inlet and outlet, the vibrating screen machine is immediately ready for use.

If you would like information about the application possibilities of the vibratory screener, please contact one of our distributors or AMKCO Europe.

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